Gerald Mckenzie 1:35 AM (14 hours ago)

Man this juice is the!!! I've been vaping for almost a year now, trying different types of juices here and there. Then I ran across your juice at a local vape shop and WOW. Major difference!! I have yet to find one that I didn't like. Keep it up boss!!


Alex Boosted Ragz , best juice out , uses nicotine only from UK, hits hard and smooth. Great flavors , great prices , Alex William owns it. Very professional and knows what he is doing

Deb Baggett Yeah!! Mmmmm... Want sweet creamy mad hatter goodness. Damn you for getting me hooked on another juice. Like I freakin need that.

Don't believe him. He probably raises the prices later but by then we're hooked so we'll pay them. He's like a drug pusher only he's a juice pusher!! 

January 23 at 10:04pm


Trevor Lee‎LEMA

January 12 at 7:01pm · 

Mail check...
Thx for the awesome array of flavor Alex William! Can't wait to try these out when I'm feelin a bit better.



Trevor Lee The mad hatter is amazing Alex William

January 12 at 9:43pm

Robert Taylor Sep 26-2016

Once again,  Just placed an order with you on Flash Friday, late at night, and I received my order today,  Monday.  The packaging, product,  and speed of your delivery is absolutely flawless.  I wish your website had a place for customers to give you support and compliment your professionalism and quality of service you deliver.  Just wanted to thank you again for doing what you do and I'll do business with you soon when the juice gets low.  I'm just impressed with how fast it got here, how you package it,  and the quality of juice you make.  
                   Thanks Madman,  

Destroyer Vapes Episode 23 (Mad Man Vapes + Mad Mod)

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Alex Boosted Ragz‎Bizarro Metal & Vapes

January 7 at 7:33pm · 


Mad man vapes appreciate it brother. 165 ml of top premium juice. Just to let everyone know he seals all his bottles professionally. He also uses nicotine from the UK. It literally makes the world difference in how smooth and good this juice taste.


Todd Little Everything he makes is amazing. By far the best juice EVER!!

January 13 at 1:09am 


Brandon Santiago‎MAD MAN VAPES

15 hrs · 


Sooooo, I got my first order of some of the best juice I've had so far. Wake n Bake is my morning vape. So damn tasty. Moms Milk is just the right combo to give you that strawberry quick fix you know you love. Mad Hatter is a great dessert vape. Great, clean flavors, good clouds. Speedy delivery and excellent customer service! I'll be ordering much more for damn sure.




8 hrs · Edited · 


So I got my first order, never seen this page, or been to it, just a random guy said I should try this, since I buy many many MANY juices from places I thought why not. I am impressed, I actually love it! And I mean LOVE IT. I hope they come out with more flavors, I love the creaminess to it. AND CREAM IS MY THING! Big bottles are my next order. I can say this is now my go to vape juice. IMPRESSED 


Lindsey Frost

27 mins · Edited


I am long winded. Sorry not sorry ; )

My review of 6 of the 7 juices by MadManVapes, as well as my experience with the vendor Alex William, the MadMan himself) as a whole. 
Ordering process/ website navigation
Site was no frills and the descriptions were clear and concise 
limited selection, 7 juices on the menu but anything you want can be custom made
Ordering was easy and straight forward, hit “order here” and a new window will open. Info requested: name, email address, subject, and then message; this is where you place your order. Any vg/pg ratio is available as well as any Nic level you desire.
I was invoiced almost immediately through paypal (my favorite way to pay)
Shipping I placed my order at around midnight, the next morning my package was on its way. It arrived just under 48 hours from my order being placed. The items were packaged very well and arrived intact. Product presentation and packaging 
All of my juices arrived in plastic dripper bottles, I love this format and find it travels well and fills things easily. The bottle has a child safety cap, all of the ingredients listed, and a keep away from children warning, a graphic unique to each juice and the nic level is indicated as well as your vg/pg ratio. The 120ml bottles I ordered also came with matching empty 15ml bottles to travel with. This was a huge surprise and an awesome addition. They were labeled the same as the other bottles. My package also contained a nice amount of high quality Japanese cotton Invoice with hand written note and free 15ml bottle of juice


The juice itself- I ordered all of mine in 60/40 vg/pg all of these were tested in an RTA and a RDA the day they arrived.
Mad Mow
This is a likely adv for me and I imagine many people. The base is custard with light but impactful peanut butter and a squeeze of honey. Smooth and creamy, all of the flavors compliment each other well and are not in competition with each other. Savory, not overly sweet, not too rich to put in a tank. Vapor production is very nice! 9/10


Moms Milk
A real contender! Tank worthy juice, and awesome to drip. This one is reminiscent of mothers milk to me, but with a notable improvement. Not sickly sweet. Definitely a simple flavor, strawberry custard. Imagine putting bavarian cream in a blender with a few ripe strawberries. Not the strawberry nesquick taste of mothers milk. 9/10


Drunken Monkey Tonic
Banana explosion, seems to be a mix of candy banana and real banana. This one is sweet but not toothache inducing. Kind of like a banana pudding pop. My husbands favorite. He gives it 10/10 I give it 8/10 as I am less of a banana fan. We've had it for 2 hours and he has dripped about 10ml.
The Banutter King
This one was my free sample, and I am so glad it was! My surprise favorite. I am generally not a huge fan of banana vapes but this one has converted me. Rich and decadent peanut butter banana here. Straight out of the jar peanut butter and fresh sliced banana. So authentic tasting its almost confusing. I need more. Much more. 10/10


Mad Hatter
Slightly more complex than the rest. I get a strong smooth vanilla, with a touch of cream. This one reminds me very much of Ripe Vapes VCT without the tobacco flavor. A welcome addition in my life as its 1/2 the price of VCT. I wouldn't say its sweet so much as just light, easy and pleasant. Will probably fit the savory and dessert palettes well. 8.5/10 


-Cereal vape!! This is straight up fruity pebbles + fruit loops. Lemon lime kick in the front and then the rest of the fruity and cereal taste to follow. I don't taste any creamy or milky element in this one, so its cereal with no milk. I have a hunch that this one mixed with mad hatter it will be cereal and milk! The only one of the bunch that could maybe improve with a short steep, completely vapeable out of the box but will likely mesh better in a week. 8/10


Closing thoughts
- I have rarely been this impressed by a vendor. The product speaks for itself, but his customer service brings ManManVapes to another level. In my opinion Alex has set the standard for juice makers and is a real vapeworld badass. This isn't good budget juice, it isn't “good for the price”, it isn't hit or miss. Even if you don't like banana you would still say “thats a really good banana vape”. Don't think Mt. Baker or vapejoose when you buy from MadManVapes.. expect premium juice, then pay a really reasonable price.


Connie Hertner

Yesterday at 1:06am


Congrats on the new page Alex. There is no one I can think of that deserves success more than you do. Your juice and customer service is stellar and I am wishing you the best!

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  • Name Sierra Mason Subject Thank you Message I received my order today & just wanted to send a quick thank you. I was so excited to see the extra bottle! There's nothing better than getting vape mail, other than getting vape mail with an extra bonus! I'm excited to try the Mad Cow, but really wanted to start with The Mad Hatter (delicious by the way!). I also thank you for the note for my friend, I'm taking her juice to her tonight & think your note will give her extra encouragement to stick with the vaping. Your shipping was awesome & I'll definitely be back for more!



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